Looking for expired or dropped domains?

Looking for expired or dropped domains?

One man’s meat is another man’s poison!!

Old expired domains have some peculiar characteristics compared to newly registered domains. Some deleted domains have some traffic, backlinks and some of them also have good PR (Page rank). Usually, some are indexed in major search engines and sometimes also listed in DMOZ, Yahoo directory and Google directory. Expired domains are also much better for search engine optimization, make this process much easier, because have trust and age history.

The following are some domains which have since expired and might be handy.

  1. kenyapage.com
  2. kenyalions.net
  3. kenyagen.com
  4. bridgekenya.com
  5. divakenya.com
  6. biodieselkenya.com
  7. legacykenya.com
  8. flashkenya.com
  9. showbizkenya.com
  10. digitalcurrencykenya.info
  11. kenyanbakers.com
  12. mtandaokenya.com
  13. findkenya.co.uk
  14. shippingtokenya.com
  15. accountingkenya.com
  16. kenyaleo.info
  17. uwezokenya.com
  18. assetskenya.com
  19. dnskenya.com
  20. sapkenya.com
  21. kenyaplots.com
  22. kenyanapps.com
  23. ipsoskenya.com
  24. kenyajeans.com
  25. kenyanloans.com
  26. kenyangames.com
  27. mtandaokenya.com
  28. kenyanstocks.com
  29. kenyamassage.com
  30. athletekenya.com
  31. kenyanhookup.com
  32. youtubekenya.com
  33. kenyanleader.com
  34. machineskenya.com
  35. pricesinkenya.com
  36. kenyasuppliers.com
  37. kenyanshoppers.com
  38. kenyansinchina.com
  39. kenyahealthexpo.com
  40. kenyawatergrant.com
  41. homeforsalekenya.com
  42. jubileepartykenya.com
  43. kenyastreetchildren.com
  44. kenyawebprofessionals.com
  45. hubnairobi.com
  46. nairobitech.com
  47. flightsnairobi.com
  48. topnairobihotels.com
  49. nairobistockexchange.com
  50. nairobiflowerdelivery.com

DISCLAIMER: Please do due diligence before purchase

10 Quick Tips About domain name

When you want to buy a domain name for your business, you have to value many options that influence your future as a company, I have prepared 10 quick tips for you about domain name.

Your domain name and URL play a very important role when it comes to being found. This is not only the destination where visitors will find you and your content, the domain you choose can also and have an impact on the visibility of your search. While there are more domain options than ever, there are still some best practices that you should keep in mind to get the best results from your domain choice.

Follow the following tips to help you find the perfect domain for your business:

  • Start with the keywords


Before logging in to your favorite domain registrar, take some time for a keyword Research. It may be useful to have three to five keywords in mind when you start. These words and phrases should clearly define what you do (or want to do). Mix and make a good puree and look what looks good and makes sense. Do not force the process – just let it flow.

Try using keywords that describe your business or the services you offer For example, if your business is engaged in small rehabilitation works, you can register for example obrasentucasa.com or rehabilitatuvivienda.com.

  • That it be unique


Is your domain part of your brand?

Make sure that this highlight is extremely important to you and your users. Having a domain that looks a lot like another popular brand is never a good idea, since you can lead to confusion. (Unless that is your goal, but it is not a topic for this article today.

Be careful that you are not trying to be too unique. If you try to force an alternate orthography of a common word, you may have serious problems.

  • Easy to write


If your URL is hard to write, people will not remember it. Hard spelling words and long URL strings can be very frustrating for users. Of course, you may be able to have a good keyword with a long URL, but if the user’s experience is negatively affected, it’s no use having this word in the domain.


  • Easy to remember


Word-of-mouth marketing is still the best of all. If you want to help the rapid diffusion of your brand, make your domain easy to remember. There are millions of registered domains, so having a domain that is catchy and easy to remember is essential. Once you have the name, tell your closest friends to see if they sound attractive and give a clear idea of ​​your project or business.

  • Keep the URL short


Shorter URLs are easier to write and remember. They also allow “amount” of the URL to appear in the SERPs, which fit in your business cards better and look better in the graphic content of your business.

  • Go to your geographic area


If your business is local, it may be a good idea to include the name of your city or region in the name of your domain, so it will be easier for local customers to find you and remember you. For example: obrasencasacuenca.es.

  • Avoid numbers and scripts


Domains that contain numbers and hyphens often produce confusion and errors. When people hear the address of your website, they do not know if they have to type the number (5) or if they have to write it (five), or if there is a script or not. If you need your domain to have a number or a script, I recommend that you register the different variations of it to be sure.

  • Verify that it is available


Make sure that the domain name you have selected is not already registered, is copyrighted, or is being used by another company. You can have many legal problems and it could cost you a fortune.

  • Use an appropriate extension


Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .es, at the end of web addresses. These extensions can have specific uses and you have to make sure they are appropriate and work for your business. The .com extension is undoubtedly the best known, but it is difficult to get a short and easy to remember .com domain, since it is very widespread and has been around for a long time.


There is a wide variety of new top-level generic domains, such as .tienda, .blog, .guru, which are a great opportunity to register short and very relevant names. Here I show you some extensions that are often used:


  • .co: abbreviation of company, commerce or community.
  • .info: informative web pages.
  • .net: technicians, internet infrastructure websites.
  • .org: non-profit or non-commercial organizations.
  • .store: business or for commercial use, such as online stores.
  • .me: blogs, CVs or personal web pages.


  • Protect and build your brand


In order to protect your brand, I advise you to register several domain extensions (.es, .com, .net …), and also to buy variations of it with some spelling mistake. If you do, in the case that your customers comment on a spelling mistake when writing it, your clients will go to your website and, in passing, you ensure that your competitors do not register them.

  • Hurry up


The domains are sold quickly. Fortunately, they are not expensive, so register yours as fast as you can. If you have a problem finding a domain available, some registrar agents, such as ehost, will suggest you during the search for alternative domains to help you find your perfect domain.