Looking for expired or dropped domains?

Looking for expired or dropped domains?

One man’s meat is another man’s poison!!

Old expired domains have some peculiar characteristics compared to newly registered domains. Some deleted domains have some traffic, backlinks and some of them also have good PR (Page rank). Usually, some are indexed in major search engines and sometimes also listed in DMOZ, Yahoo directory and Google directory. Expired domains are also much better for search engine optimization, make this process much easier, because have trust and age history.

The following are some domains which have since expired and might be handy.

  1. kenyapage.com
  2. kenyalions.net
  3. kenyagen.com
  4. bridgekenya.com
  5. divakenya.com
  6. biodieselkenya.com
  7. legacykenya.com
  8. flashkenya.com
  9. showbizkenya.com
  10. digitalcurrencykenya.info
  11. kenyanbakers.com
  12. mtandaokenya.com
  13. findkenya.co.uk
  14. shippingtokenya.com
  15. accountingkenya.com
  16. kenyaleo.info
  17. uwezokenya.com
  18. assetskenya.com
  19. dnskenya.com
  20. sapkenya.com
  21. kenyaplots.com
  22. kenyanapps.com
  23. ipsoskenya.com
  24. kenyajeans.com
  25. kenyanloans.com
  26. kenyangames.com
  27. mtandaokenya.com
  28. kenyanstocks.com
  29. kenyamassage.com
  30. athletekenya.com
  31. kenyanhookup.com
  32. youtubekenya.com
  33. kenyanleader.com
  34. machineskenya.com
  35. pricesinkenya.com
  36. kenyasuppliers.com
  37. kenyanshoppers.com
  38. kenyansinchina.com
  39. kenyahealthexpo.com
  40. kenyawatergrant.com
  41. homeforsalekenya.com
  42. jubileepartykenya.com
  43. kenyastreetchildren.com
  44. kenyawebprofessionals.com
  45. hubnairobi.com
  46. nairobitech.com
  47. flightsnairobi.com
  48. topnairobihotels.com
  49. nairobistockexchange.com
  50. nairobiflowerdelivery.com

DISCLAIMER: Please do due diligence before purchase

16 Domain Name Tools Used by Industry Experts

16 Domain Name Tools Used by Industry Experts

16 Domain Name Tools Used by Industry Experts

1. Bulk Whois Lookup

Bulk Whois Lookup helps you perform a bulk Whois lookup all in one easy and simple step. To domain name search Whois records just enter up to 500 domains into this tool and you’ll get all the Whois information in return. This bulk Whois checker will show you all details including the owner name, address, email, phone number, registrar and plenty more.

2. Domain Drop Date Checker

If you have had you eye on a domain and have been waiting for it to “drop” then you’ll know that being able to find out the drop date – the date at which you can register it – is very important. This domain expiry date checker is simple to use and free to find out when domain expires.

3. Domain Name Filter

Bulk Whois Lookup filters out domains to meet your specific criteria. Sometime you only wish to see the .com domains in the list full of .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us. It can filter out domain length, exclude numbers, dashes and more.

This tool is very helpful if you have a large list of domain names and only want to see the ones with a particular feature or expired domains.

4. Domain Availability Checker

Domain Availability Checker lets you check domain names including all common domain extensions, you just enter the name and it looks for you.

5. Bulk Nameserver Lookup

This bulk nameserver checker is quick, reliable and easy to use, we know how important it to for you to know what IP addresses and what nameserver is assigned to a particular domain and now you can check hundred of them at once

6. Bulk Domain Age Checker

Bulk Domain Age Checker helps you quick find out domain registration date, expiration date and name of registrar.

7. Bulk Dmoz directory listing checker

Bulk Dmoz directory listing checker gives you a simple yes or no when you enter up to 500 domains as it checks each one to see if it has been listed in the Open Directory or DMOZ.

8. Domain Authority Checker

Check up to 200 URLs at once to see the page authority, domain authority, MozRank and link total for a page.

9. Bulk Pagerank checker

Pagerank is a numeric value that shows how important a web page is on the net. The higher number is the better. If you are a domain investor who is usually working with large domain list, then you will find Bulk Pagerank checker very helpful.

10. Bulk Alexa Ranking Checker

Bulk Alexa Ranking Checker can show the current position of multiple websites in Alexa ranking system. Bulk Alexa Ranking Checker shows the current Global ranking, Reach, 3 month change of multiple domains within the Alexa rank system. This system is one that measures the traffic to a site by users so it’s very important to many domain owners, buyers, and webmasters.

11. Bulk Wayback Checker

Bulk Wayback Machine checker tool is great for seeing which of your own domains or domains you’re interesting in buying is accessible by the Wayback Machine. The Wayback archive results of this tool will show if the domain has been archived, how many times and when it was first and last archived. By using this internet archive search you will be able to see in an instant all of this information that will help you to go ahead and purchase domains or do any work to existing ones that you have already.

12. Bulk Google Index Checker

Bing and Google index checker is perfect for the busy domain purchaser and webmaster who wants to check possible domains for sale. Enter up to 500 different domains to check if they have been indexed in Google or Bing. By using this Bing and Google site checker you can make a much more informed choice when you are considering buying a lot of domains.

13. Bulk Social Share Count

Bulk Social Share Count helps to track social media shares so you can see how your site is ranking in the social network world (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, StumbleUpon).

14. Bulk Trademark Search

It’s very important when you’re wanting to use a word or phrase that you make sure to check trademark. This is what this tool can help you with, all you have to do is enter the word or phrase in a domain, up to 500 per line and you’ll see if there is a trademark registered against it or not.

15. Bulk Domain to Location

This tool links a domain to IP address and therefore to a location as well so is very handy at giving you a lot of information at once in a timely manner. If you want to find domain location of any domains (or websites) you either own or from someone else then you can use this tool and it will show you the IP, the location – including city, region and country and the ISP/domain host.

16. Bulk domain expiry date checker

If you have had you eye on a domain and have been waiting for it to “drop” then you’ll know that being able to find out the drop date – the date at which you can register it – is very important. This domain expiry date checker is simple to use and free to find out when domain expires.


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