Domain Name Books You Need to Read

Domain Name Books You Need to Read

1. Jerome Robertson (2017) – Domaining Guide: How to Profit from Domain Names
A Definitive Manual for Profiting From Domain Names. In this day and age, domain names are the real estate of the internet. At some point or another each business will require its own domain name. That implies that despite the fact that there are a huge number of domain names, there will definitely be an interest for the best ones. When you take in the nuts and bolts you can begin profiting from putting resources into areas rapidly. You needn’t bother with a major up front installment. You needn’t bother with years of experience. You don’t require any specialized abilities.

2. New Thrive Learning Institute (2016) – Buying and Selling Domain Names – for Big Cash Profits
Purchasing and offering area names can be an especially lucrative venture to get into. One of the considerable parts of domain flipping is that the endeavors required are negligible. You should simply discover critical, engaging domain names in markets and pitch them to purchasers, anxious to make their own site on the domain names.

3. Jacqueline D. Lipton (2010) – Internet Domain Names, Trademarks and Free Speech
As the first form of truly rivalrous digital property, Internet domain names raise many challenges for law and policy makers. Jacqueline Lipton analyzes the ways in which past disputes have been decided by courts and arbitrators

4. Jason R. Rich (2008) – Design and Launch an E-Commerce Business in a Week
The present innovations makes it less demanding than at any other time to take your retail dreams to the world’s biggest commercial center—the Internet. In not more than days, you can construct your own eCommerce site, achieve potential clients by the millions, process orders every minute of every day and acknowledge installments from everywhere throughout the world—with no specialized foundation or visual communication abilities

5. Jean L. Batman (2007) – Advising the Small Business: Forms and Advice for the Legal Practitioner
This book provides expert advice for a small business owner looking to start and run a successful business.

6. David Kesmodel (2008) – The Domain Game: How People Get Rich from Internet Domain Names.
Most people have heard of an experience of somebody getting wealthy by selling domain names for an unbelievable price. But few understand the secretive world of domain investing. The Domain Game stories the exploits of leading domain investors and talks about how this mysterious market works.

7. Nicolae Sfetcu (2014) – The Business of Domain Names
Business of purchasing, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names. On the Internet, the Domain Name System (DNS) associates various kinds of information with so-called domain names; above all, it serves because the “phone book” for the Internet: it translates human-readable computer hostnames. Domaining is the business of purchasing, selling, developing and monetizing Internet domain names. Such domain name portfolios often include cleverly chosen and highly marketable generic domain names, or domains whose registrations had lapsed though retain reasonable traffic. There might be no actual intent to use any of the domain names with the exception of generating advertising revenue through domain parking.

8. Alan Charlesworth (2009) – Choosing the Right Domain Name
A guide to choosing the right domain name for your organization, business, product or brand

9. Přemysl Raban (2006) – .eu domain name, .eu doména
A comprehensive look at the .eu domain name system and regulation.

10. Glenn Fleishman (2006) – Take Control of Your Domain Names
Read this book to find answers to questions such as: What can I do with a domain name? How do I learn what domain names are available? What features does a good registrar offer? What is DNS and what should I do about it? I hate my registrar. How can I switch to a new one? What should I look for in a Web- or email-hosting service? How can I run a Web server if my ISP gives me a dynamic IP address? How do I set up an email service at my domain for family members without running my own mail server? Help! My Web site is dead and I’m not getting email. What should I do?

11. Robert A. Badgley (2002) – Domain Name Disputes
Domain Name Disputes provides practical and comprehensive analysis of domain name disputes resolved by U.S. courts or by the ICANN cyber-arbitration system, With this handy reference, you’ll find detailed discussions relating to cybersquatting claims, trademark infringement and dilution claims, property disputes and more.

12. Konstantinos Komaitis (2010) – The Current State of Domain Name Regulation: Domain Names as Second Class Citizens in a Mark-Dominated World
In this book, Komaitis discusses domain names as sui generis ‘e-property’ rights and analyses the experience of the past ten years, through the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). The institutional deficit he identifies, generates a further discussion on the ethical dimensions in the regulation of domain names and prompts Komaitis to suggest the creation of an environment based on justice. Komaitis also suggests some recommendations concerning the reconfiguration of the regulation of domain names.

13. Stephen Elias, Patricia Gima (2010) – Domain Names: How to Choose and Protect a Great Name for Your Website
This book illuminates on the important things to consider in selecting a domain name for your website.

14. Eun-Joo Min, Mathias Lilleengen, WIPO Arbitration Center (2004) – Collection of WIPO Domain Name Panel Decisions
This book showcases forty-five UDRP decisions rendered by WIPO Center panels between 1999 and 2003. These decisions represent the general trends as well as particular issues in the growing jurisprudence in the important area of Internet domain name rights, and their presentation here will provide practical guidance on the substantive issues and procedural mechanics of the UDRP.

15. Weston Anson, Donna P. Suchy, Chaitali Ahya (2005) – Intellectual Property Valuation: A Primer for Identifying and Determining Value
In this book, the writers attempt to cover some frequently asked questions on intellectual property and intangible assets and to engage in brief discussions on the subject of identifying value. They identify many of the main types of intellectual property and intangible assets. They also look at the primary, traditional, and not-so-traditional methods of valuing these assets and include case studies and various situations in which the valuation of these assets is required

16. National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Computer Science and Telecommunications Board, Committee on Internet Navigation and the Domain Name System: Technical Alternatives and Policy Implications (2005) – Signposts in Cyberspace: The Domain Name System and Internet Navigation
Congress, in P.L. 105-305, directed the Department of Commerce to request the NRC to perform a study of these issues. When the study was initiated, steps were already underway to address the resolution of domain name conflicts, but the continued rapid expansion of the use of the Internet had raised a number of additional policy and technical issues. Furthermore, it became clear that the introduction of search engines and other tools for Internet navigation was affecting the DNS. Consequently, the study was expanded to include policy and technical issues related to the DNS in the context of Internet navigation. This report presents the NRC’s assessment of the current state and future prospects of the DNS and Internet navigation, and its conclusions and recommendations concerning key technical and policy issues.

17. Peter Prestipino (2016) – Domain 360: The Fundamentals of Buying & Selling Domain Names
Domains 360 provides a road map for success, offering not just an explanation of why domain names are so important to the digital ecosystem or how anyone can profit from an investment in them, but also incredibly practical guidance on how to choose them and powerful insights on ways in which you can make the most of domain name assets while they are under your control. The domain name space is an exciting one – full of potential and opportunity, and Domains 360 provides the insights necessary to accelerate success when it comes to buying and selling domain names for profit.