How to get hosting for under Ksh 1500

How to get hosting for under Ksh 1500

Everybody starts from somewhere. Big corporations were once startups tucked away in a garage. The butterfly was once a caterpillar. With an SME or a small blog, the hosting demands are different from the other big players in the market. In the beginning, the most important thing is the creation and realization of a scalable, efficient and profitable business model.

At the start, people try out so many things. It is a period of learning. However, the learning ought to be relatively inexpensive so as not to deplete the resources setup to grow the business. When all is said and done, there should be no compromise on quality. A good web host ought to be reliable. Another thing, there shouldn’t be hidden costs.

On the part of reliability, an online store ought to be up when the customer desires. It does not make sense to have a website that is down and inaccessible more times than it is up. To the customer (end user) it is frustrating. They will normally look down on your brand after seeing your website producing a 404 Error.

Bitsimba offers a starter package for Ksh 1500. It is a good way to start. The package is incomparable in the market. SSD technology is the new thing in the computing world. Bitsimba is setup with the latest hardware. All this is a bid to provide bumped up site performance on a budget spending.

With the starter package, you will get 10 GB SSD. This is the amount of space to store your website files, databases, emails and more. It is important to know that SSD technology is 300 times faster than other hard-disk technologies. This means your access will be speedily. The allocated bandwidth is 500 GB. This is the amount of data transfer back and forth from the server. Uptime is simply a measure of the times the website is accessible to the Internet. A guarantee of 99.9% up-time is given. Moreover, if you don’t have the website already, there is a free site builder with more than a thousand templates to choose from.

It is a perfect bundle for a startup or a new blogger. It allows small kittens to compete favorably in the same space as other big cats. All for Ksh 1500.

Backups are made ever so often. At Bitsimba, regular backups are done for internal purposes mostly, however you can always request the latest backup if you need it.

Bitsimba rids you of the hustle of hosting so that you can concentrate on the core of the business. For startups and new blogs, the main point of focus is on creating value to the customer. This could take the form of creating new content or building a product. It also involves marketing and making known to potential users, customers or consumers of your offering.

The customer service at Bitsimba is always willing to answer queries that may be related to the topic of web hosting. Your questions about technical issues are most welcome.