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SSL Certificates

The beauty of Hosting with Bitsimba Telecommunications is that we provide FREE SSL Certificates. You don’t need to order, you don’t need to renew. Your hosting package will come automatically configured with SSL Certificate.

How to test.

Once you order the hosting package and domain, load your domain starting with https://   e.g

With other hosting providers in Africa, you most likely will get the following unless you buy SSL Certificate and do the installation.


That is quite expensive and time consuming.

With Bitsimba Telecommunications, ssl is free and automated and you can manage the different Free SSL options we have from your CPANEL (Click link to see the demo). All sites hosted by us should display as below:

Click to see.



There are different ways to make sure that nobody connects to you site insecurely, especially is it involves online payments or sensitive information.

  1. For wordpress users, always make sure you install wordpress on https://

2. For any application, you may have to force the secure connection on the .htaccess file

We have provided you with the lines of code and how to insert them easily, and of-course make you feel like a genius.

The above are only possible if you already have an account with Bitsimba Telecommunications i.e you already have a FREE SSL Certificate installed.


If you have any problem, which i doubt, click on our chat for instant help.