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Networking & Infrastructure


Is your company’s network infrastructure optimally configured to take advantage of today’s advanced routing and switching technology to meet the increasing demands for bandwidth?

Bitsimba Telecommunications delivers LAN, WAN, wireless, remote access and security solutions based on industrial strength network operating systems and equipment with keen interest on all time global advancement in Technology.

We leverage your network with most leading solutions in the Industry to give you the most competitive edge needed for tomorrow’s connected world. Like most say “We define the Future for You”

Networking solutions from Bitsimba Telecommunications can improve network performance while reducing operational costs in terms of time, money and losses due to trials. Bitsimba Telecommunications uses advanced routing and switching capabilities, along with network optimizing appliances, to effectively and securely connect networks, while integrating voice, video, and data. These solutions can be integrated into or on top of an existing infrastructure to simplify ongoing operations and improve network and application services.

WAN Optimization
As your organization increasingly relies on modern and advanced applications requiring greater bandwidth, such as video and virtual desktops, the associated costs can represent a significant portion of your operating expenses. WAN Optimization solutions from Bitsimba Telecommunications can help your organization address its need for a high-performing WAN, while lowering the cost of its IT network infrastructure. Bitsimba Telecommunications can design and implement WAN optimization tools that help your business run faster and more efficiently, while delivering consistent levels of service and reducing operational expenses. At the end, the clients benefit most to keep you at the top. With us, You are assured of Quality excellent services to your clients. We block all means of network interruptions that may put additional costs to your business due to customer dissatisfaction.

We support you with creating a suitable strategy for your network infrastructure, selecting the right hardware and network services, setting up and configuring your network components, as well as monitoring your network for optimum performance.



  • Network Design and Implementation
  • Secure Remote Access Solutions
  • Network Management Solutions
  • High-speed Data Network Design and Implementation
  • Wireless Network Design and Implementation
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Network, Messaging, Unified Messaging and Database Administration Support
  • Help desk Support Services
  • Secure Videoconferencing Solutions
  • Structured Cabling



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Why clients choose us

Bitsimba Telecommunications prides itself in housing the best brains in the industry who are also thoroughly professional. Beyond that is unmatched infrastructure which propels us to the 99.9% satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident about this that we offer you a 30 days money back guarantee if not satisfied.

Flexible Solutions

Agility and Empathy

We are fully aware that different businesses have different sizes and capabilities, and for this reasons we have made our solutions flexible to the reach of everyone. We have gone ahead to ensure that our prices are fair enough for everyone so that you can concentrate on growing your business without unnecessary worries. All our prices are also inclusive of tax.


Backups Available

stability and speed

We have gone ahead of our competitors to ensure that all our clients, regardless of their packages, enjoy maximum protection, stability and availability of data. No down times  plus we take it seriously to have regular back ups for every data. These back ups are multiple and securely stored in different locations to ensure that in case of any need we can’t fail to restore your data.


Robust Infrastructure

A Mark of Excellence

All our solutions ride on a robust and secure state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our servers are Raid 10 with SSD storage a rarer thing to get and this has made us 300% faster than our competitors. Time and profit go hand in hand, we utilize every opportunity to ensure our clients are the best in their niche. We are ever keeping abreast with new technologies and innovations ensuring our clients are the leading in their industries.

24/7 Support

Award Winning

Support in the tech sector is not a privilege but your right. Here  at Bitsimba Telecommunications we have a professional team waiting to handle that no matter the time of the day and that includes holidays too. The response from this department is almost instant to ensure your business doesn’t stop. We have diverse ways of communication to suit your knowledge, experience, expectations and personality.

Dedicated Team

Diligence and Professionalism

We have a thoroughly dedicated team that is passionate about what it does and this is what sets us apart from the crowd. We take every client’s problem like it is ours and we do not rest until we provide a solution and a thorough follow up thereafter. All our departments are manned 24/7 ensuring that our clients interact with real persons and not automated systems. We have strong vision and mission as a company that guides us in our every day activities and solid core values.