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Bitsimba Foundation

Bitsimba Foundation


At Bitsimba Telecommunications, we believe we have a fundamental responsibility to help our clients and our communities navigate a complex global economy and address their economic and social challenges. We use our strength, global reach, expertise, relationships, and access to capital, to make a positive impact to the world.
Community and service are integrated into everything our company does. Bitsimba Telecommunications provides philanthropic support to address the needs vital to the community with a focus on education, environment, economic development, workforce development and community impact.

Nurturing Talents

We believe that arts and culture have the power to enhance community vitality. This is why we invest in philanthropic programs and initiatives that provide access to and encourage an appreciation of the arts and culture. In addition, we support capacity-building initiatives that strengthen the nonprofit community through professional development programs and other tools to help nonprofits fulfill their missions.


As Bitsimba Telecommunications we are committed to the worldwide Global Goals initiative, and all our programs will work inclusively to help in achievement of these eight goals.

They are:-

  1. Reduction of poverty
  2. Quality Education
  3. Clean Water and Sanitation
  4. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  5. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  6. Responsible Consumption and Production
  7. Climate Action
  8. Life on Land

In order to make sure that all these come out true through us, we will engage in different community programs.

Environmental Programs

  • Greater material recyclability;

In attempt to ensure that our environment is conducive for all to co-exist with each other, we aim to promote, campaign for and highly welcome ideas which aim to come up with affordable ways of recycling waste materials that in most cases destroy the beauty of nature by itself.

  • Better product durability and functionality;

We stand at the forefront in ensuring that we come up with products that benefit us and many of our generations to come. Leaving a legacy that will mark our century and the roles we played in making every day in life worth living.

  • Greater use of renewable resources;

In this upcoming smart world, resource exhaustion is a thing that is lacking a platform to be addressed. However, we believe that we will be the source, the energy and facilities for renewing our resources by ensuring that much of what we commit ourselves into works out best in creating means of renewing such resources.

  • Integration of environmental management tools into business plans, including life-cycle assessment and costing, environmental management standards, and Eco-labeling.


  • Use of Green Energy

Our state-of-the-art technology is powered by green energy to ensure maximum conservation of our environment.

Educational Programs

One of the keys to socioeconomic development is education. Our focus is to build, create and encourage the current generation on the necessity of education in their lives today and in future. One of our goals is to motivate them on becoming the best leaders that the world has been waiting for long and to make them responsible for their environment. To make them good ambassadors for change. This will be possible through building of Educational infrastructures; mentoring the Youths; campaigning against school drop-out and offering of scholarships to the less fortunate. We also aim to have business-education partners with other entities just to make this a success.