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The Booming Business and it’s Secrets

The Booming Business and it's Secrets
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The Booming Business and it’s Secrets

Internet has really changed our traditional ways of doing things and most importantly the manner in which business used to be done.
The rise of Internet has fuelled the increase in the number of online businesses commonly known as E-COMMERCE. It has instilled business culture into the hearts of most youths posing them as a threat to the conservative businesses that have for long dominated the market.

Among the praised online businesses is the famous Jumia, a Nigerian based online retail shop existing since 2012 and is successfully operating in nine African markets. It claims 150,000 visitors a day. That’s encouraging for any starter planning to extend their business online. Jumia is quoted to have made 20million dollars in revenue in 2014.

But why the increase in online shops, and why should you take yours there?

We tried to look for answers and the following are some of the compelling reasons why most people are willing to spend their time on phones and computers making orders and waiting for them to be delivered.

1) The thirst for fun and knowledge

It’s worth noting that almost everyone is on Facebook, meaning that they spend a better part of their day on the internet chatting and looking for something interesting especially after a long hard day of trying to convince clients how that newly launched product in your company works and probably earn you some commission from sales. The only entertainment on your way back home is your smart phone. Your best friend is the one who gives you exactly what you need at different times of the day and month, and so, with 5000 friends and countless groups, you scroll and stop to the most exciting thing. And most starters have fully utilised online marketing by making sure there is a page that can take you to their website after capturing your attention with one or two products and some wow description on it. And that is just how they make their sales.

2) Too Much commitments

For most of us who have been employed or are, can testify that the only time we have for personal duties is either Sunday or Saturday, and to the bankers, different case. We will hardly get Time for shopping unless late in the day as darkness approaches. But thank God for the internet, for real I don’t know how we would be surviving without it. You can easily check from different online stores for the latest mobile phones and prices, check on the shoes, clothes, utensils, furniture etc. You just need to like, and order, most if not all give free delivery for their items. So you don’t have to risk your life after getting late from job to go for shopping. But what I really encourage, Never pay until you receive, unless for the most reputable companies that actually you and many others you know, have transacted with them.

3) Increase in Customer confidence

There is a developed culture of trust especially in online businesses, where clients won’t question much about the credibility of a deal. But this doesn’t Come by itself, it’s coupled by genuineness in service delivery from most sellers, and anyone who doesn’t conform to this is maturely dealt with. Like one Facebook page I like, “buyers beware”, this is where all culprits are posted, named and their actions displayed for the general public to see and avoid. If you ever find yourself there, oh! unto you. Thanks to the online community for supporting most of our entrepreneurs.

4) Affordable Internet

Nowadays internet is very affordable with most environment giving free wireless Fidelity(WiFi) access not leaving out Matatus. Some of us will never turn off our data. This means they can access any information they need online without any hindrance. As long as they need it, they can get it. And so, if as an online retailer, you have something interesting, you’ve got the attention of this people.

5) Affordable Online items.

Online shops offer very affordable products compared to their counterparts in malls. (I will tell you why in my next chapter). They will bring whatever you need to where you are, and expect you to add no coin unless you show interest. I must say that this sounds the unimaginable but genuine deal Ever. You stay in your house, you order, they offer free transport and get your item just as you expected. That must be a very luxurious Life.

We are excited by the way we respond to efficiencies that come along with technology. Technology has alot for us, if only we accept it and change our attitude.

Now, Why is everyone trying to book space for their stores online. We have answers and I am very sure, you will be tempted to grab a chance at the end.

1) No Taxes.

There is no means of revenue collection for online shops especially for starters. For this reason most people have resulted to online campaigns for their products considering the business is not financially impaired leading to many entrepreneurs becoming more concerned, centred and involved in E-commerce. Unless for those who e-commerce is an extension of their business in a different physical location, those who operate from the comfort of their homes and briefcase offices make abnormal profits. And many people are making money out of this, you just need to have a competitive product and perfect your marketing skills. You can now pocket and whistle as you wait to deliver orders.

2) No Licences required

If you hold meetings with clients online through your website or Facebook page, then why do you need to pay for a licence? Simply stated, this is a business in the cloud. You step on no man’s land and they claim nothing from you. This saves the business quite a lump sum amount enough to invest in stock. This is one of the many reasons an online shop will sell at far much affordable prices while their competitors will go bankrupt if they ever tried this magic. If you never thought of this, consider.

3) Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, you may have other commitments, probably you are employed somewhere and this is one of the side hustles that you engage yourself with, as long as you have something unique and selling, you can plan for your deliveries anytime you are free. Most will give their weekends for this kind of work, or even employ people whom they can use to deliver orders. That simple. It’s far beyond this, remember the point is, you are genuine and you are reliable. You promise by weekend and it’s exactly that. You are good to go.

4) Wide Coverage

Most businesses are located within CBD because that’s where most people gather for jobs and other services. There are just many people and entrepreneurs see opportunities when they see numbers, just as politicians see votes.
However, online business is beating the odds by serving everyone from any point they are in countrywide. They don’t need to scramble for overpriced stalls in town to serve counted number of people. They ensure they do enough marketing from any side of the country and when clients are ready and willing to sign the deal, they plan for its delivery with well stipulated terms and conditions especially for those who use third party means of delivery. And that is how they make money, but for those around their locality, they provide a door to door delivery.

5) Affordable Business Setup.

Online business is easy to start and maintain. However, you really need to be wise in choosing who will take you where you are going. Talking of this am referring to E-commerce websites design and development Companies. You need to have someone who will tell you far more than you know, inform you of available opportunities your shop can earn extra apart from selling, make sure your website rank the highest any time a person searches any of your products online, link all social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter, flicker, Instagram etc, ensure that the online shop is responsive enough to appear in any mobile device and many other features. Simply what I mean is, don’t just look for a developer, look for someone with a heart and passion for the job they are doing. If you are lucky to make it past this level, you have 75% succeeded. Or if you need any assistance, Bitsimba Telecommunications will gladly do.
But allow me to mention something most people don’t pay much attention to, use of images, The higher the quality of the images you use, the more attractive your shop appears. Considering the much use of images on your online shop, you therefore need to be extra careful on the kind of space your host is offering you. Some give very small disk space that can’t run you for more than a year. Bitsimba Telecommunications however gives the most advanced SSD rather than HDD storage devices with space you can hardly exhaust even if you need to upload videos. There are very attractive packages for everyone.

We had earlier touched on hosting and by now you must be well informed on the choices you make. As you consider this, we wish you all the best.


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